I told you seventeen times.”, On an elevator, ask someone, “Are you here for the dog food tasting?”, Offer someone a piece of gum and say, “It’s not what you think.”, When someone asks a favor, say, “After all these years, am I still beholden to you?”, When someone asks the time, say, “Time for a piece of porcupine piñata.”. Let people throw eggs on your face. The one person you can tell your deepest secrets to without the fear of being judged for sharing how you feel. A man walked into a small Irish pub and ordered three beers. Why don’t we call a chocolate chip cookie a CCC? And for some history-steeped trivia, learn the 25 Best One-Liners From Politicians. This is the friend you tell all of your relationship drama to. Though it was sadly a different George Washington than the man who led the American Revolution. Be it guy friends or girl friends. Why do we have royalty in a deck of cards such as the king and queen and then along comes the joker? And, according to the top relationship pros we spoke to, if you play these cards too close to the vest, you'll be setting yourself up for some major drama down the line. It turns out, tears are a big turnoff. If you could wake up with a completely different permanent hair color — any color — what would it be? Is Last Weeks Top Question, 2 Organic Weed Killer Recipes That Kick Ass, How To Stop Smoking Weed Even If You Don’t Want To, Best Way To Shave Your Head Bald: 12 Tips You Need To Know, A Fortnite Name Change? The character (who's actual name is Horatio Magellan Crunch—had to squeeze one more real name in there) wears just three stripes on his uniform cuffs, indicative of a commander, not a captain. In the middle of this she suddenly goes, “I really like Dick’s” Realizing what she just said, she turned red and in a more quiet voice goes, “please don’t tell your parents.” 27. Can you use your putter to putter around the golf course? Why is a roller-coaster called such when it doesn’t roll and it doesn’t coast? The Top 3 RA Program Ideas For Campus Students Attending Higher Education, The Single Best Way To Learn Piano For Life, 8 Tips On How To Be Successful In Life & Business, Our Best Guess Of The William Shatner Net Worth, 3 Ways To Send Money To India From The USA. If hamburger makes a meatloaf does laziness make me-a-loaf? Lobsters pee out of their faces; their bladders are located right under their eyes, which can come in handy when they're in a fight. It’s not black and white, but if someone has betrayed your trust more than once (and not apologized! 17 Hilarious Questions You Need to Ask Your Bestie Right Now. By Farwa. Live smarter, look better,​ and live your life to the absolute fullest. She decided to tell us about her sporting goods fetish, where she goes into a store and buys a bunch of gear like they were books. Have fun! Here’s the list of funny & good questions to ask your friends, best friends or even new friends. If she does ask your advice, tell her how you feel in a very soft way. There are 22 good questions, 30 personal questions, and 48 deep questions to ask your friends for great conversation even when you are bored. But his biggest hit was "Red E Coffee" (get it?) A study by researchers at Pennsylvania State University concluded that adding significant amounts of turmeric, black pepper, or cinnamon to a fatty meal impedes the amount of triglyceride (the bad fat that increases risk of heart disease) taken into the blood by as much as 30 percent. As one of the researchers told the New York Times: "Basically what we've found is the chemo-signaling word for 'no' — or at least 'not now.'". Legit.ng News ★ ⭐ FUNNY TEXT MESSAGES ⭐ can strengthen the bonds of your friendship. It's true! Call your mom and tell her how much you love smoking cigarettes. Questions to ask your best friend will help you learn more about them. As if you needed any further reason to look and feel your best. They found that those who consumed vegetables with high levels of red and yellow pigments had a healthy yellow glow compared to those who did not. level 2. If laughter is good for the soul what is the soul good for? 3. If you enjoy having fun then this list is for you. If you're ever caught in a vampiric apocalypse, don't reach for the garlic. Your best friend is your closest confidant. Enter your email address to get the best tips and advice. And for more crazy trivia, bone up on the 10 Amazing Facts to Make You Smarter This Week. We also get your email address to automatically create an account for you in our website. If you enjoy having fun then this list is for you. When asked a question where you know the answer is yes, instead of saying yes, say “Does the Pope wear a tall hat?”. When in a grocery store ask the clerk “do you have Prince Albert in a can?”, if they say yes, tell them to let him go. If I’d meant to do it, you’d know.”, Enter a room full of people and say sullenly, “Well. Would a crocodile snap at a snapping turtle? These funny stories will have you laughing for days. What happens to the plastic when you have plastic surgery? In Germany, the game was adapted into a star-shaped board and called "Stern-Halma" meaning "Hoppity star," before American toy company Pressman Co. rebranded it "Chinese Checkers. While this fact is entirely true, these are the 30 Facts You Always Believed That Aren't True. At the same time, make sure to remain her loyal confidante. Rabbi Yaacov Deyo, based in Beverly Hills, CA, created the concept in 1998, bringing together a handful of single men and women for some matchmaking in a Peet's Coffee & Tea. 18. Are you supposed to serve coffee on a coffee table? But for most people who are best friends, it is impossible to stay mad at each other for long. 40 Dumb, Funny Jokes That You Can Laugh At And Tell To Your Friends. And for more random trivia, learn these 15 Fascinating Facts About the Royal Corgis. What happens when you tell someone to take a hike and you’re on an airplane? which required no brewing (but reportedly tasted gross). When will we change “give you a penny for your thoughts” to “give you a dollar for your thoughts?”. We all love to laugh, and people who are amusing are immediately likeable. Deli meat may be delicious, but it has been linked to cancer, botulism, as well as the food-borne bug, Listeria monocytogenes. His seasoning of the chips would pave the way for all that we love about the junk food from that day forward. How many people put a suit in a suitcase? We are always looking for new and weird things to add to our list! Start a group text with random phone numbers and start talking about a serious problem you have. If P.E. The female's urine is loaded with pheromones which calm the male, so he doesn't get aggressive, and puts him in mating mood. Get ready for some real-time fun as we have come up with a list of some funny dare questions to ask your friends. Some health officials are criticizing the plan. When a friend suggests going for coffee, say “Don’t you know there’s a war on?”, When someone randomly changes the subject, shout, “He’s at it again!”, In the middle of a positive conversation, interject, “Now let’s talk about why I’m bitter.”, At the dinner table, when someone picks up a condiment, point at them and declare, “That is for members only.”, When someone asks you a serious question, ponder for a moment, then reply, “Cats don’t roller skate.”, The next time someone thanks you for something, say, “I’m going to hell so you don’t have to.”, If you butt dial a friend, send them a text that says, “That was your final warning.”, When someone says something negative about another person, nod thoughtfully and say, “He buttered his shoelaces upside down.”, In a grocery store, ask a stranger, “Do you know where I might find pickled pollywogs?”, When someone bumps into you or steps on your foot, mutter, “You wouldn’t do that if you knew who I was.”, If you bump into someone or step on their foot, say, “I’m sorry. Why do we say a person is fired when there is no fire? After leaving the presidency in 1797, the founding father spent some of his retirement planting rye around his Mount Vernon estate and soon had a full-blown distillery underway, producing 11,000 gallons of un-aged whiskey in 1799, the year he died. Send someone a text of a lottery ticket and tell them you just won $1,000,000. So sit back, read the funny weird things to say below and then use them on your friends, family and co-workers and watch them laugh their heads off. When it comes to secrets and relationships, you really do have to be careful. The very next day that man ordered three beers again and drank quietly at a table. You don’t really want that to happen. © 2020 Galvanized Media. The 15 Most Embarrassing Secrets You Can Only Tell Your Bestie! Funny bits and scenes about the gang revealing each other's secrets!I am still looking for missing scenes that contain these funny bits. I want to come up with 3 made up secrets so i can tell each of my friends a different 1 and see which 1 comes back to me then i will know whic friend to trust. If you are on a diet how do you feel about the first three letters in the word? Why is chocolate ice cream called chocolate when vanilla ice cream is not called yellow? Can vegetarians still eat animal crackers? Since basketball is named such why isn’t golf named golfball? Why don’t we put “the beginning” like we put “the end?”. To keep the game fun, make sure your truth questions deal with a sore topic that could embarrass them, and make sure the dares don't send anyone to the emergency room or jail! Once your account is created, you'll be logged-in to this account. I don’t need a psychiatrist to prod into my personal life and make me tell them all my secrets, I have my friends for that. Home » Must Read » The 15 Most Embarrassing Secrets You Can Only Tell Your Bestie! To discover more amazing secrets about living your best life, click here to sign up for our FREE daily newsletter! " To find out more crazy celebrity facts like this one, check out these 50 Crazy Celebrity Facts You Won't Believe Are True. If you shop inside the stock market is it stocked with fruits and vegetables? "Cenosillicaphobia" is a great word to break out at a party—it literally means "fear of an empty glass." If she still tells you that story, you have a winner I guess. Eduard Haas III, the Austrian inventor of the flat, sort of chalky candy PEZ, came up with the name by riffing on the German word for peppermint—Pfefferminz. Read these cute quotes and try to relate them to your own friendship. Sometimes, best friends will have arguments. Studies have estimated that they occur in amounts ranging from 0.6% in Americans to 5% for Japanese women and celebrities including Mark Wahlberg and Tilda Swinton have them. And for more culinary quirks, learn the 20 Food Myths That Still Persist to This Day. So in Packard's Palo Alto garage, they simply flipped a coin, and Hewlett won. STOP: 3 Things That Married With Children Amber Is Up To Now! Extra nipples, formally known as "supernumerary nipples," are not all that uncommon. that is a good secret cuz it is kinda embarrassing, and any young man can relate to.... ps dont call yourself a boy. When Star Wars' special effects artists Stuart Freeborn considered what kind of appearance he wanted to give his sage Jedi mentor, he got inspiration from a guy generally associated with smarts: Albert Einstein. See how your stories compare with these with these funny short stories you can share with the whole family. Your friend will talk to you and seek your advice if she (finally!) Romance and efficiency proved to be a perfect match. Your best bet is to make sure you don’t share secrets that would create such gaps. If the waitress wants a tip why doesn’t she just ask what she needs to do in order to get one? While it may be a tongue twister, it's also a fact—if exposed to sunlight, beer can become "lightstruck" which affects its taste and quality (aka makes it taste skunky). A photo of the theoretical physicist hung on his office wall, and his eyes and wrinkles gave Freeborn just the finishing touches he was looking for. Send a text message to your phone number but increase the last digit by one (your text friend.). For more hilarious facts like this one, check out these 40 Facts So Funny They're Hard to Believe. Why is hopscotch named as such? Edward "Steady Ed" Headrick, who invented the game of Frisbee golf, made as one of his dying wishes that his family would cremate him and mold his remains into a Frisbee. 15 People Reveal The Funny, Secret Things They Know About Their Significant Other. Here are some unique and funny random things to say in a text or conversation. Why is a pancake fried while a chocolate cake is baked? First, you might want to make sure it's a crush that lasts longer than a week so you get to know the guy. If you can entertain people and tell a joke or two then you’ll always have friends. For more on the human body, check out these 20 Amazing Facts You Never Knew About Your Body. I didn’t write this to tell you that you were a bad friend. Love, Your Old Friend. The favorite sugary cereal character has been exaggerating his Navy service for decades. Chocolate milk comes from brown cows you know. Self deprecation is the most lethal weapon in any ladykiller's arsenal. What Is The Difference Between Undergraduate And Graduate And Why It Matters! The world is a crazy, sometimes hilarious place. While there are definitely plenty of things you should keep from your partner—especially if you're not a fan of his or her family—there are definitely plenty of things you'd be better off always telling them. ", Speaking of Germans, when they want to casually refer to a typical guy, they don't call him an Average Joe, but "Otto Normalverbraucher," meaning "Otto normal consumer.". They were placed in a cage suspended beneath the balloon and after eight minutes ended up landing about two miles from where they took off—but all were alive and well. Weight gain and breast implants. If you name your daughter Angel, aren’t you afraid she will fly away? Consuming spices has been found to help cut down on how much fat you take in. Below is Bergeron’s growing list of funny and random things to say to just about anyone anywhere in the entire universe. Like Cookie Monster, that icon for bald earring-wearing men everywhere, Mr. Clean, actually has a first name, too: Veritably. If our economy is broken, how do we fix it? When lobsters flirt, they squirt urine on each other. Why aren’t shorts half the price of pants? 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